52 Stories, 52 Weeks: April

Here's April's batch of stories - we keep on trucking. #13: “The Tip of the Arrow” Arrows fly up ahead, clouding above. Descending like the casting of angels falling from the heavens. On the ground are enemies that need to be made an example of. These arrows will spill out the contents of their targets, showing precisely what they're made of: Fear and blood.  The first wave was from us. The second wave approaches from the enemy line. Bows pulled back. Release. The arrows block out the sun, for just a moment, turning the bloody day into night. There’s a slight chill in the air, cold even. Then the light came back. The sun welcoming us like angels to the Kingdom of Heaven. With its light comes its angels. Arrows soaring through the air; effortless, majestic, as if to fly.  The tip of the arrow became God that day. Soldiers on the battlefield became arrows, angels freeing from the Earth with the flood of crimson. Watch us ascend like arrows toward the sky. See just what we’re

52 Stories, 52 Weeks: March

 March #9:  “Dead Digits” The loss of the luxury to eat whenever, whatever you pleased is about the second worst thing that could happen when becoming a diabetic, the first I think being the threat of losing toes.  Not much up for retelling the sob story of getting sick and holding onto the proverbial handrail as I recovered and struggle to maintain a healthy balance. Been there done that. There’s not much change in my daily life except the fact I have to say ‘no’ when someone offers dessert and losing more coin than a healthy person to sugar-free options and avoiding the good shit. Some days are harder than others, but I get by all the same. What does get annoying though is the tingling in my toes. Eat a few extra fries than you should then suddenly your toes get a burning feeling. Seems like a raw deal to me. Not as raw as my pancreas not working, but I digress.  I recently had a nightmare that implanted that fear a little more than usual. The dinner before I ate a bit of a heart

52 Stories, 52 Weeks: February

     Another month down and here we are, February's down with all stories on time and intact! A cool detail I'm noticing is that stories are slowly getting longer and longer. I started off in the 100 - 300 word range and now they're slowly creeping in the 500 - 1,000 word range. It's been quite nice getting comfy back into writing prose again. It's a habit I always think I lose when I venture off to do screenplays, poems, or other work. So it's a relief to know it's just a muscle that needs to be reworked and not something that can be lost. Knock on wood, but it's been a great start! Thanks for clicking on my blog, thank you for reading. It means a lot. #5: Perfect Blue Building Again, I was waiting on the sidewalk near a blue building that she liked. A ‘perfect blue building’ she’d always call it. Anytime we’d go on our frequent walks, she’d point it out. I grew to like it too.  Things changed not too long ago. I’d stand at our spot, waiting for her, b

52 Stories, 52 Weeks: January

  So I think 2023 will finally be the year I do this challenge that Ray Bradbury set up: 52 stories in 52 weeks. Then you have 52 stories in one year because "Not all 52 can be bad." So here is all the January stories! One month down, eleven more to go!  #1: "Moving Out"  The last box of the move has been gently placed down on the floor. It wasn’t an easy move, but it wasn’t one done in solitude. Your few good friends from high school that stuck around town came down for the form payment they saw fit for helping an old friend out. Pizza and beer can go a long way the more you realize in dire situations. They toss the empty 24-pack and ditch the pizza boxes in the trash after a quick two-hour trip down memory lane of the glory days. We really outta hang out more. If only our schedules aligned more. That new gig have better hours? Better than where you were, you thought. They leave you with a pat on the back, smiles on their faces, grease on their shirts. You don’t se